Round One Song Lyrics Emiway

Round One Song Lyrics Emiway

Round One Song Lyrics Emiway

So many kids are tryna hate me
Nobody can dominate me
New achievement every day
Everybody congratulate me

Had to wake me I wanna make me
I’m living billionaire
Not checking the price tag

Yes I’m getting it
Everything that I wanted
Everything mommy wanted
Everything daddy wanted
This is the life I wanted
I got it all my fella
She wanna meet me should be open minded go tell her
Life is so fantastic say

Alhamdulillah my friends are my soldier
Making music every day everybody loves Emiway
Flow is gonna be complicate haters are doing copy paste
Dheere dheere se ho raha case gora face nahi mera

Phir bhi bandiyan paagal hain
Favourtite khaana dal chawal
Jisko nahi pata beta yeh usi ka power hai
Independent ka tower hai yahan paison ka shower hai
Beat baja dala freestyle one hour hai

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